Broken Piano Plate Repair

Pianotec skilled technicians offer total repairs of cracks, simple, and compound (total) fractures of piano plates. Our unique method has repaired over 50 plates in the last 7 years with all being tuned to A-440 with no failures. You have not seen this repair advertised by us because we are not actively looking for this type of repair. For your piano to be considered for this repair you must e-mail or send the manufacture, model, size, serial number, and photos of all damage and areas for repairs. If you have a high quality piano we can probably do the repair. We are rejecting low end pianos where the quality of plate casting was a possible cause of the failure.

All repairs require the complete piano case with plate and original wire installed so we can first determine the reason for failure of the plate before making the repairs. All repairs include removal of all pins, wire, and plate. Contact me if you have attempted repairs before doing anything else to the piano.

Next is to repair all of the fractures of the plate, rebronzing and hand lettering of the plate. We will reinstall the plate, and pin and string the instrument with new pin block as an option. Additional services are repairs and refinishing of the soundboard, decal installation, and complete action restoration and case refinishing. Complete action voicing/regulation are also available.

Piano will be delivered tuned to A-444 or A-440 as requested.

We can also offer refinishing, regulation, voicing, parts replacement and additional repairs as needed to provide a concert performance ready instrument when delivered to your venue. The instrument will be set up at your destination ready to perform on with a final tuning. I am a Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Kawai, Schimmel, and Steinway Concert support technician so the piano will be very close to top expectations when delivered. Final tweaking to match your stage and hall may be necessary.

See our service page for general prices on refinishing and repairs. Discounts available to the trade and members of the MPT and PTG. If your instrument is less than 6 feet with one or 2 cracks or fractures expect about $7500 to repair and refinish the plate and restring the piano with new block and wire using a Delignit block, Rosleau steel wire and Mapes Bass Strings. Costs may be less if we repin the original block. All action repairs are quoted separately with factory replacement or Renner parts. Moving is not quoted in this general price estimation. We can arrange for door to door pick up and delivery to all points in the Continental USA. At this time we are scheduling 18 months out on incoming instruments. We can accommodate “Crisis” repairs but expect a 20% surcharge for advancing in the queue. Thank you for considering the “Pianotec” team for this repair.

E Mail Pianotec for a consultation on this repair.
Steinway and Sons with 2 fractures in treble area.

Repair made, weld is for fill only and is not the repair.

Repair finished, primed, and final finish.

Plate finished, installed, strung and pitched to A-446.

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