About Piano Technology

Welcome to Pianotec.com, the web page of Robert W. Wagner Piano Technology. After nearly 60 years in the piano serviced business I have retired and no longer am providing service for pianos. I recommend you seek out a registered member of the PTG, Piano Technicians Guild. They would be my first suggest for an active technician. 


The photo is of me in the dark shirt at Bosendorfer, Vienna, Austria with Andrew, Manager and Klavier Techniker or Piano Technician in the white shirt where I spent 2 weeks working with the technicians at Bosendorfer learning how to keep one of the best pianos in the world as good as the day it came from this room. Just one of the many wonderful experiences I have have learning about making pianos play their very best. 


For Three Generations, Blending Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Technology
Family specializing in the complete renovation of fine pianos since 1952.
If you have a question I may be able to help you with contact me:
EMAIL TO BosendorferKlavierTechniker (@) Gmail.com