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Welcome to Pianotec.com, the web page of Robert W. Wagner Piano Technology. The photo is of me in the dark shirt at Bosendorfer, Vienna, Austria with Andrew, Manager and Klavier Techniker or Piano Technician in the white shirt where I spent 2 weeks working with the technicians at Bosendorfer learning how to keep one of the best pianos in the world as good as the day it came from this room.

I am a third generation piano technician from Pittsburgh PA who moved to the Dallas Fort Worth area in November 2020 with my wife to care for her dad. I can accept tuning, repairs, restoration, keyboard, and plate repair requests. If you would like your piano tuned or serviced please send an email so my staff can get you into our system and personally contact you to schedule your service call. Thank you for considering me for your piano service needs. Click HERE to email me for an appointment. Include your address, phone, and service requested please.

In addition to learning how to properly service the Bosendorfer piano my family has also operated piano stores in the Greater Pittsburgh area and retailed the Schimmel, Yamaha, Kawai, Mason and Hamlin, Sohmer, Walter, Samik and Young Chang pianos over more than 30 years in the retail side of the industry.  I am an authorized concert support and service technician for most of these instruments. I have semi retired but the Pianotec team in the Pittsburgh area continues to specialize in the restoration of fine American and European pianos, primarily in NE USA.  Inherent Moms Steinway in New York and live in Virginia. We pick up in New York, restore, and deliver to you finished in you home. Don’t feel you need a castors up restoration, we just fix what is broke and can stage the next repair. Our clients of performance centers, universities, musicians, and residential piano owners will be glad to provide you with a personal reference. Questions, please use our secure inquiry form.

The photo was taken at the final inspection and finishing building for the Bosendorfer Grand Piano and the Corporate offices. Below us are the cobblestone streets of Vienna and the concert hall where the mighty Bosendorfer Imperial grand is played when finished. It is an on demand item and there are none in the shop today.

I am a “Bosendorfer Klavier Techniker” or Piano Technician for the Bosendorfer Piano.  At the invitation of Chip Wise, National sales manager for Bosendorfer, I was sent here to learn how the piano is final finished and made ready for discriminating musicians around the world. There are 8 studios here, occupied by the most senior technicians who have at least worked every major position in the factory before being asked to “audition” for this position. You cannot just be a mechanic, you must also be a expert precision tuner and a decent pianist so you can appreciate the nuances of playing the instrument you are finishing.

After sometimes as much as a year in the assembly process, the final and performance ready grands are brought here and put in a finishers studio, about a 20×20 room. That technician has no time requirement or must be done by stipulations, their only job description is to finish the piano so no other person will be able to improve on it when it leaves their studio.

Please, keep in mind the piano is incredibly finished when it arrives here, easily done to such a high state it is ready for the performance stage. What follows is what makes the Bosendorfer finishing process so unique in the piano industry. The technician will spend about 2 days finishing, fitting, voicing, and adjusting each key and note until it is not 1 of 88,  but becomes 88 of 1. It is the “ONE” they accomplish here. I don’t know how else to say it. When you play and listen to this instrument the touch and sound flows as smoothly through the keyboard and tonal range as water droplets in a stream, each 1, but of the many make the one. Sit down and play a new one at a store, it has passed through this building like every other grand with Bosendorfer on the name plate.

Coming from Pittsburgh, and being a member of the PTG or Piano Technicians Guild, for over 25 years, I have frequented the Steinway facility and stores in New York and know many of the great technicians there and on the east coast. They all know that this place is where you “take a razor to have it made sharp.” This is where they take the piano to such a high state of ready that when finished the technician will stand beside it and ask, can you make it better? You can’t.

The two weeks was spent going into the studios of these incredible men and women who would say come here, listen, this is it, or play, feel, that is it, or try ,yes, you have made it right. This visit is not about millimeters or fiction points, it is about sound and feeling, and what “right” is. It was truly a wonderful experience in my life and where even after 30 years as the second generation of my family working on pianos I felt and heard with new knowledge and awareness.

At the end of my stay Andrew, the manager and the final exam master says this only to those who meet the exacting standard of a Bosendorfer Master Technician, Herr Wagner……” Bosendorfer Klavier Techniker.”

PRIVACY POLICY Our privacy policy is quite simple. No information is shared, sold, or given to any parties except those on our staff. All contact is kept with the utmost privacy in mind.

I am a graduate of the “Little Red School House”

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to providing you a level of piano service worthy of any musician.



For Three Generations, Blending Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Technology
Family specializing in the complete renovation of fine pianos since 1952.
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About Pianotec

In 1948 my father Clarence “Shorty” Wagner combined his talents as a machinist and musician and entered the field of piano technology. Shortly after his father joined him, then myself and my brother. Since those early days my goal has been to blend this experience in traditional craftsmanship with the most modern technology to provide you, the pianist, the very best from your instrument. Our shop in Western PA along with Dave Maresca and his family and staff, provide you with complete piano restoration.

I retired January 1, 2020 from the hands on restoration process and now only provide residential piano service on quality grand and vertical pianos. If you have a piano not in my service area  I suggest going to www.PTG.org and locate another technician near you. This is the locator site of the Piano Technicians Guild. The Crafts men and women will be experienced and tested technicians. 

Pianotec’ s staff is experienced in the repair, rebuilding, restoration, and refinishing of pianos continues daily at the shop since the early 1950’s. My staff and associates are able to provide factory quality work, reasonable pricing, and personalized attention.

This is all our livelihood, so you get very best that the Pianotec Team can provide! I have not been working on the shop floor for many years, having trained the next generation of technicians what I know and to challenge to better my work. “Can you do better?” I ask. They do, using improved materials, finishing techniques, and skill levels that I both marvel at and have pride that I am part of such an innovative and dynamic team of skilled and dedicated professionals. Our work today is the best I have ever seen and done and I am very proud of the finished product, YOUR PIANO.



For Three Generations, Blending Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Technology
Specializing in the complete renovation of fine pianos since 1952.
EMAIL TO BosendorferKlavierTechniker (@) Gmail.com